Mining Urban’s Musk: Important Person’s Overview

Hi, you are an important person, hence this overview. Sometimes you may see an executive overview. That is an overview for an important person who has no time to waste. You have no time to waste. You are the CEO of your life, also the CFO, the CIO, etc. So this overview is to let you decide in seconds whether the posts to come in this series might be for you.

Origin: Yesterday my friend Steve Moraco texted me to make sure and read the Wait but why post “The Cook and the Chef” by Tim Urban about Elan Musk. Steve Moraco is the brightest 20 something I know ( I know two and he is clearly in first place). So I am reading an Urban post for the first time ever.

Purpose: A dialectic where I share my insight on Urban’s post. Why would you want to read what I write? Well, Steve says I am the coolest 72 year-old he knows. (I may be the only 72 year-old he knows, but for a 70-something to get to know a 20-something is not too common and a badge of honor for me)

Who am I?: A. Allen Rowe: father (two sons and a daughter), husband (twice), brother (a little sister who beat me to the mortal finish line), son (surviving), friend (inconsistent of late), poet (English, French, and Spanish), teacher (for decades), and learner (forever).

I hope you stay tuned for the next installation, and in the meantime check out other posts that come along.