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Art of the Squeal

First there was African Swine Fever (ASF). It reached China: Aporkalypse Now. Squealing pigs slaughtered and dumped into mass graves. Pork rolls become scarce on Chines tables. The Chinese government creates incentive programs to close the sudden protein gap. Businesses grow up around raising rats, lizards, snakes, etc., for food. Then, in a Wuhan market something goes wrong.

But wait. Let’s rewind to the point where there was another option rather than increased wild animal protein for China. It was American pork. Donald Trump could have cut a pork trade deal. The American pork industry could have exported literally tons of pork to China. The shortfall gets bridged. Pork rolls, etc., stay on the menu. No need to eat rats. The Wuhan market scenario never plays out. No COVID!

There’s only one thing wrong with that scenario. The win had to be for Donald Trump. So the artist of the deal played hard nose. He stiffed American agriculture, including the American pork industry, true, but he also got to stiff China. Big win for Donald Trump’s ego. COVID-19 for humanity.

“When the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way.” Chinese saying quoted by Alan Watts.