Cream in Your Coffee?

A half-and-half life? Is that what you want? Non-dairy creamer? Really?!! Literally nonsense! If it ain’t dairy, it can’t be cream. Something else for sure, but not cream, not even close. You still believe fat makes you fat? Does eating skin make you skinny? Duh!! But if that is your thing, then own it! Be brave: drink your coffee black. Be bold: drink something else.  Just stop fooling yourself.

Seriously, non-dairy creamer is among the worst things you can put into your body. On the other hand, real cream, especially organic heavy cream is GOOD, as Jocko might say. I actually would prefer a couple of drops of coffee in my cream, rather than vice versa! Here’s what I love:

Just one small step toward a big objective: Own your own health to take back your life. You cannot own your world if you don’t own your life. In case you’d like a couple of references, here you go: