Urgent: Stop Suicide

Thank you, Tim Ferriss, Jocko Willink and Echo Charles . You just gifted me the most urgent podcast message I have ever heard: Jocko Podcast Episode #50.

For the love of God, share Jocko Podcast Episode #50 NOW. And if God is not among your loved ones, for the love of them, share it NOW! This is a message every teenager should hear NOW, every Veteran should hear NOW, every college student should hear NOW. Every ________ should hear NOW. Fill in the blank. Share, share, share, NOW! Why?

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas some years back, my cousin Tyler killed himself, all alone. He had reached out to me and to my sons, just asking what we were doing over the holidays. We sensed he was fishing for an invitation, but we were busy.

We never heard from Tyler again. Instead my aunt called. She could not handle it. I flew out to California and cleaned up what Tyler left behind. He never saw the New Year. And every New Year, I try to forget it could have been different. But I can’t because it could have been.

You don’t need to carry a burden like this the rest of your life. SHARE Jocko Podcast #50 NOW. Listen for the quiet desperation that may lie behind the polite question or phone call of a friend or relative, and SHARE Jocko Podcast #50. Share yourself, your ear, your heart, your time. A false positive carries little risk, but a false negative can mean a death to be borne forever. You can make a difference you may never know you made until in due time you yourself pass over.


Eve of Everything

The Eve of Everything Now

On this last day we unfurl wings
of mind, memory, imagination:
mythical concatenation creatures
of all that soars, darts, flutters,
visits flowers and great heights.

We soar the winds not taken,
transformed forever,
in an instant,
forever changed,
and changing everything,

Frostian ages hence,
we will know,
though earth forget,
we were the difference.
Going ungentle,
we changed it all.

You and I,
and you and she,
and he and I,
us, more and more of us,
in fractal waves
rising, pulsing, welling up
through space and time.

We were and are
creation’s divine dance
beyond our span of life
until creation is not
and time is not
and forever is not
out there,
but right here,
right now,

And we were!
She and he,
you and I,
myriad links expanding
in spheres of every light.

And we are,
you and I, present
in the last grain
of the ultimate day,
in the last null span
of the eternal point
between was and will be.

We were
and are!
Every action,
every inaction,
every decision,
every indecision,
changing everything
Thus we were
and always are
the eve of everything.

© 2015, A. Allen Rowe, Ph.D.

This is v2.0, the 2016 edition, of the original poem and contains numerous changes.
For Steve M, Anton, Brenden, Bart and all those who make a difference. Thank you.