Two, one

Does your mind ever get clearer when you’re exercising? I was on my exercise bike just now. Love that bike. Dad left it to me. A classic Schwinn Airdyne. Gets arms and legs, lungs and heart pumping. Oxygen reaches my brain. Fog clears, ideas begin to link. Insight and clarity flit in and out.

I thought of last night and my post, Keep aloof. My wife didn’t ┬álike it. So I need to stress that the sin, the failure was mine. What she did was understandable. She was feeling lonely and wanted company. What I did was out of proportion. I got angry.

Pumping along on Dad’s Schwinn, I thought of Jesus. Images came. A Roman solider pounding a nail through Jesus’ right hand into the cross. Christ loving that guy in that moment of unspeakable pain. Christ forgiving, not cursing.

Then came an image of two natures in Christ: one divine, one human. Images came of Christ up early and out praying alone, a young Christ studying the scriptures, a troubled Christ praying in Gethsemane and sweating blood. The image came of human nature englobed in divine nature. The word “consistency” came to mind.

My thoughts turned to the latest admonition from my friend Benson Agbortogo. Consistency, consistency in commitment, consistency in purpose, consistency in prayer, consistency in the Word of God.

Oh, Lord, may I be consistent in love. May your divine nature englobe my human nature. Where there are two, may there be one when the chips are down.