Glad heart

13 A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken.


15 All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances]. (Book of Proverbs, Chapter 15, Amplified Version)

Oh Lord, help me stop wasting time on the things that will not give me a glad heart and instead recognize and focus on those that really will. In this quest, please give me the focus and determination to overcome procrastination. I want to have a glad heart and cheerful countenance as I move through this day. I want to move forward. Replace the scowl with a smile. Replace my complaints with contagious mirth. Let me at least bring a glow of hope to others rather than the obscurity of frustration. I want to sit at the table with You and enjoy that continual feast.