Jocko Trade and Service Marks

This is a “commander’s intent” post in keeping with “decentralized command,” Jocko Willink  being considered “the commander” in this instance.

The purpose of this post is to establish “first use in commerce” rights on behalf of Jocko Willink of certain service-marks and trademarks relating to services and products already offered publicly or in development. The author of this post claims no rights whatsoever to any of the following marks and offers this post as a service at no charge out of consideration for the contributions Jocko Willink, et al., are making to the nation. The author is not an attorney nor does this post constitute a contract or commitment of any sort. It is simply an announcement of certain services and products, either existing or contemplated, of which the author is aware or which he thinks might become available in the public marketplace.

To firmly secure intellectual property rights and/or other rights to the following services and/or products, Jocko Willink, et al. may wish to consult legal counsel, e.g. if it is determined desirable to establish ® or © rights to any of the following or other services or products or intellectual property currently offered or in the planning. Meanwhile, the author suggests that the ℠ or ™ symbols be used as appropriate in all future public mention of any products or services intended for commercial use.

  • Jocko Podcast ℠ : A regular podcast featuring Jocko Willink and currently offered weekly and hosted by Echo Charles. Products and subscriptions are available through Your support is welcome.
  • Jocko Tea ™ and Jocko White Tea ™: Beverages currently under development and soon to be available through and other possible outlets.
  • Jocko Fitness ℠: A program currently under development. Interested parties can investigate the possibility of pre-release subscriptions via
  • Jocko Mugs ™: Available currently through
  • Jock Tees ™: A variety of tee-shirts bearing certain quotations and/or the likeness and or name of Jocko Willink.
  • Jocko Gear ™: A line of sports, fitness, and outdoor equipment endorsed and/or developed by and/or for Jocko Willink currently under consideration for development. Parties interested in pre-ordering any such items should express such interest via
  • Jocko Wear ™: A line of casual, athletic, and sports clothing currently under consideration for development. Parties interested in pre-ordering any such items should express such interest via
  • Discipline = Freedom ™: A maxim frequently associated with Jocko Gear ™ and Jocko Wear ™ and used in the promotion and marketing of such items.

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By A. Allen Rowe

Asad Abu Antun

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