Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is a man I would really like to meet. Michael Lewis writes of him and his amazing financial insights in the book Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World. This man has done amazing and powerful things and done them without huge personal fanfare. He is just amazingly successful.

I would like to hear his version of what led him to the insights that have made of him a singular figure in the otherwise rather murky waters of high finance during this past decade. Why else would I like to talk to him? Among other things, I would like to learn where he thinks an unknown septuagenarian such as I might fit in, if anywhere, in the Come Back America Initiative which is one of the several causes he champions. If I could make a living writing and working for such a cause, I would be very happy.

I would also like to learn what importance Mr. Bass places on fitness and health, issues about which I am passionate and which I strongly believe must play a greater and greater role as we strive to come back. Anybody out there still remember the glory days of Roger Staubach leading America’s Team in Two Minute Drill comebacks? Give us a national Roger Staubach as QB and Tom Landry as coach to put us on top of our game again. I loved those Cowboys!

Of course,my wishes to meet Mr. Bass are rather bold. But the US is still a place where bold wishes can be granted.

For an idea of Mr. Bass’ achievements:

By A. Allen Rowe

Asad Abu Antun

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