Mining Proverbs

For more success, better health, greater happiness, and a finer path to eternity, mine the Book of Proverbs. It is a gold mine of buried wisdom.

Here are some tips that help me:

  • Read a chapter a day. There’s a chapter for each day of the month. Works out  nicely.
  • Consider yourself a fool in search of wisdom. It’s safe to say we all play the fool from time to time. This attitude will guard you from arrogance.
  • Pray every promise that you wish to claim. The promises of success in Proverbs are not automatic. On the other hand, the warnings against failure are automatic.
  • Start each reading of a chapter with prayer. Pray for a humble and open heart and mind. Thank God for providing you another opportunity to enter into the very heart of his Wisdom. Thank him for your access to the Book of Proverbs.
  • Read from the Amplified Bible. This translation has revealed insights into the Proverbs I had never found before despite having read through the book many, many times in other translations. I have my friend Benson Agbortogo to thank for this insight.
  • Start your day with this reading.
  • Read through the whole chapter, aloud if possible. Pause only to jot down the verse numbers of any particular verses that catch your attention, and why. Then come back to these verses and reflect on them, pray about them, ask for deeper insight. Write down the thoughts that come. Do so on the computer if possible. Blog them if you can.

These are some things that help me. Please feel free to add a comment with tips that work for you.


By A. Allen Rowe

Asad Abu Antun

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