Photo Tech Dec28

Photo Tech

In my earlier post Aggregating Steve, I explained that I was studying Steve Moraco in preparation to apply to be a friend. The “About Steve” page states: There are three things I want to do most: Take pictures, learn cool things, and change the world for the better. Take pictures?...

Aggregating Steve Dec27

Aggregating Steve

I am working on an application to become friends with Steve Moraco, official friends, that is. If you don’t know Steve, just think of a Steve Gates or a Bill Jobs, i.e. a 20-something concatenation of those two pioneers of Computer Revolution 1.0. I think he knows more about the fine...

Infamous Days Dec07

Infamous Days

Monday, December 7, 2015, I went to The New York Times online with history on my mind. With anticipation I clicked on the video of  President Obama’s Sunday address to the nation regarding the December 2 violence in San Bernardino. I thought the President would refer to another infamous...

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