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Spirit School

Hey, I am in Benson Agbortogo’s  Spirit School, like Battle School from Ender’s Game, but in inner spirit rather than outer space. And do I ever need it!  Spirit formics are on the swarm in my life. Finally, I got the message:

I need to clearly hear the guidance the Lord is trying to provide me if I want to be part of his victorious army. Otherwise I will be a straggler. Stragglers get cut off from the main force and neutralized. Time in the word and time in prayer are the switches that open the channels of communication with the command and control center. For example, this my be a time when I should dodge and take cover. Or maybe its time to march full speed toward the objective. How to know which? Hear what the CinC has to say, then use your head and execute. Otherwise, ambush awaits.